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100% of our children can be trauma-free and thrive

Introducing New Mexico’s 100% Community initiative.

Improving local systems of health, education, child welfare and economic development

An initiative of the Anna, Age Eight Institute at Northern New Mexico College serving all New Mexico


We’re addressing the collision of two interrelated challenges: childhood trauma and health and education disparities.

  1. We face historical trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) leading to a multitude of challenges.
  2. We live in a society that tells our most vulnerable populations to fix themselves without easy access to mental health care, medical care, housing, food, transport, education, job training and economically thriving city centers.

Our families are trapped in a cycle of addiction, trauma and poverty – generation after generation.


Innovation guides our new 100% New Mexico initiative. Our mission: Every child safe and successful. Across New Mexico’s 33 counties we’re building systems of care, safety and learning. We’re collaborating with mayors, council members, county commissioners, university leaders, local government and nonprofit organization directors.

We’re using the 4-step process of continuous quality improvement: assessing, planning, acting and evaluating. In the spirit of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: “We’re moving our families from surviving to thriving.” We’re working to ensure that ten services are accessible to 100% of New Mexicans. Our initiative brings public and private sector innovators together, using technology to achieve results.


Local engagement across 33 counties: Development of an interactive guide directing users to all county leaders: mayors, council members, county commissioners, school board members, state representatives and higher education leadership

Assessments and identifying disparities: Assessment of county’s parents and youth to measure their access to ten vital family services including health care, housing, food, transport, education, early childhood education and job training

Capacity-building: Launch of 100% New Mexico initiative in Rio Arriba County, Socorro County and Doña Ana County. Implementation of continuous quality improvement training and countywide process to ensure access to ten vital services for all residents and reduce heath, education and opportunity disparities

We are a data-driven, cross-sector and county-focused initiative making every child a priority.


The 100% New Mexico initiative is designed to bring all county leaders and stakeholders together, in ten key family serving sectors we refer to as survival services and thriving services shown to strengthen families and decrease ACEs, trauma and maltreatment.


  • Behavioral Health Care
  • Medical/Dental Care
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Transport


  • Parent Supports
  • Early Childhood Learning Programs
  • Family Centered Schools
  • Youth Mentors
  • Job Training and Higher Education


By working on a county scale with buy-in from local elected leadership and stakeholders, a locality can achieve groundbreaking results, raising the quality of family, community, educational and economic life for all residents.

New Mexico can become the safest place to be a child and the best state to be a family.

For more on the cost of trauma read: Family Trauma Impacts New Mexico’s Economy, And Is Far From Just A “Private Family Problem”

Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney, PhD

Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney, PhD

Anna, Age Eight Institute
Co-Director and Co-Author

Dominic Cappello

Dominic Cappello

Anna, Age Eight Institute
Co-Director and Co-Author

Anna, Age Eight Institute Mission
Ending adverse childhood experiences, trauma and health and education disparities to ensure the safety and success of 100% of New Mexico’s children, students, families and communities. 




A printable flyer version is available for download.

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